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On August 26th, 2015 Steering Committee of the Central Baltic programme approved a project application “Small port every 30 miles apart - Development of services for lively water tourism in the Eastern Gulf of Finland” that had been submitted to the programme priority 3 “Well-connected region”.

The main project idea is to establish a network of Finnish and Estonian well-developed small ports located in the eastern Gulf of Finland. 11 partners participate in the project – 5 from Finland and 6 from Estonia. 2 associated partners also take part in the project activities. Kotka Maritime Research Centre “Merikotka” (Finland) is the project Lead Partner. Other Finnish project partners are Kymenlaakso University of Applied Science, University of Helsinki, Cursor Ltd, Posintra Ltd. Partners from Estonia are Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre, NGO Eisma Port, Viimsi Municipality, Estonian Maritime Museum, Narva Department for City Development and Economy, Narva-Jõesuu Municipality. Associated partners are represented by Lääne-Virumaa County (Estonia) and Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation (Finland).

During the project implementation a special attention will be paid to safety issues, development of services in small ports. It will create favourable conditions for business development and increase attractiveness of the region. Project partners will also concentrate their efforts on joint marketing activities directed to raise public awareness about small ports in the eastern Gulf of Finland as well as services for boat tourists. All activities will be implemented on environmentally-friendly basis.

Narva will take part in common project activities as well as carry out its own activities. A set of documentation on how to run the small port, activity plans and management tools will be developed based on studies of best practices and legislation. Promotional materials about the Narva port and small ports network in the eastern Gulf of Finland will be developed, printed and disseminated. An additional pontoon will be installed to increase a number of mooring places, safety equipment purchased. Port schemes and pointers will also be installed in the Narva port.

The project will last for 3 years from September 2015 till August 2018. The total project budget is EUR 3 299 715,32. Narva budget is EUR 168 025, out of which the programme support is 85% or EUR 142 821,25 and Narva self-financing is 15% or EUR 25 203,75.

The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 is a funding programme financing cross-border cooperation projects in the central Baltic Sea region. The participating countries are Finland (incl. Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

The programme supports four priorities: Competitive economy, Sustainable use of common resources, Well-connected region and Skilled and socially inclusive region.

For more information on the respective partner organizations, visit their homepage:
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Science
University of Helsinki
Cursor Ltd
Posintra Ltd
Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre
MTÜ Eisma Port
Estonian Maritime Museum
Narva City;
Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation.

Narva Department for City Development and Economy 

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